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We are Tracey Cheuvront and Kathrina Nellis of Kansas City, Kansas.  We work with both green wood and dry lumber with an emphasis on reclaimed materials.  Specializing in kitchen items, free-form bowls, and hand tool restoration and fabrication, we are recognized for our "non-linear" approach and eclectic mix of hand and power carving methods which we have taught nationally at The Woodworking Shows and DiResta Workshops.

Obey the Grain

Our motto is: "Obey the Grain."  We carefully assess each piece of wood, often allowing the grain itself to determine the design. This not only underscores the intrinsic beauty within, but ensures strength and durability as well.  Because of this, no two works will ever be the same.  Over 90% of our materials are reclaimed from urban tree removals and scrap boards that would otherwise have been thrown away.  While every human activity leaves a footprint, we make a conscious effort to minimize our negative impacts.

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