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Brand/Manufacturer: See description below

Style: Bevel-down

Blade Width: approx. 8 inches

Overall Width: approx. 18 inches

Handle Construction/Material: Hardwood fastened with bolt


This is not a premium tool, this is a budget tool.  I have had many requests for an inexpensive drawknife that doesn't need to be pretty but still works.  This is the best solution I have currently.  I take an abismal box-store product and rework it into a functional, quality tool.  Out of the package these tools are just junk, but I regrind, reheat treat, and most importantly, test every single blade to ensure cutting performance and edge retention.  They do have a bit of an odd balance compared to a premium model, but with a little practice they are quite capable.  They are scoff worthy in many ways, but I will guarantee their performance.


The video shows typical drawknife performance cutting dry oak.  Drawknives ship razor sharp, ready to work, and include a reusable plastic edge cover.

Budget Bowyer's Drawknife 8 inch, Bevel-down

  • I offer a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.  If you are unhappy with the tool for any reason, you can return it within the 90-day period and receive a refund of the purchase price and all shipping charges.  Of course, this excludes failures or damage caused by mistreatment, such as impact or excessive moisture exposure. 

  • Most drawknives fall into two basic categories, those that are intended to be used with the bevel facing up and those intended to be used with the bevel facing down.  Bevel-up drawknives typically are better for working flat or straight areas, for instance removing bark or chamfering corners.  Bevel-down drawknives are more suited to contouring work, like shaping axe handles, curvy table legs, or spoons.  Perhaps one out of every dozen or so vintage drawknives that I encounter can be used comfortably in either orientation.

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