Wood source: Reclaimed scrap board from a local hardwood dealer that has been in business in Kansas City since 1880.


Length: 11"

Width: 2"


Note:  This spatula is designed for light duty cooking (no heavy scraping or chopping) and will best for scrambles and stir-fries due to its narrow width.


Every item offered by Bastionhead Woodworks is handmade and one-of-a-kind.  The grain of each workpiece is carefully evaluated to achieve the best combination of strength, durability, and beauty.  Both power tools and traditional hand tools are used, and each tool judiciously, but all finish work is performed with a scrutinizing attention to detail.  Finished utensils are given a coat of olive oil.

Cherry Spatula 2

    • Hand wash only in soap and water with a gentle dish cloth.
    • Do NOT soak.
    • Do NOT put in the dishwasher.
    • Apply food-safe oil as necessary, only when competely dry.