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Brand/Manufacturer:  Unknown

Style:  Bevel-up

Blade Width:  9 inches

Overall Width:  15.75 inches

Handle Construction/Material:  Original peened-tang maple.


Note:  Although both handles are currently tight, one handle does have an obvious crack (see photo).  I have used drawknives with handles in similar condition for years, and they have held up without coming loose.  However, this cannot be guaranteed.  If this crack worsens or the handle comes loose, I will be glad to send a pair of my octagonal faceted replacement handles and provide instruction on how to fasten them with epoxy all free of charge. 


Most drawknives fall into two basic categories, those that are intended to be used with the bevel facing up and those intended to be used with the bevel facing down.  Bevel-up drawknives typically are better for working flat or straight areas, for instance removing bark or chamfering corners.  Bevel-down drawknives are more suited to contouring work, like shaping axe handles, curvy table legs, or spoons.  Perhaps one out of every dozen or so vintage drawknives that I encounter can be used comfortably in either orientation.


I personally grind, hone, and test every drawknife I offer to ensure good cutting performance, edge retention, and ergonomics.  The video shows this particular drawknife cutting dry hickory. Drawknives ship razor sharp, ready to work, and include either a custom sheath or reusable plastic edge cover, as depicted.

Restored Drawknife 18, Bevel-up

    • Original peened-tang handles are inherently prone to working loose with time and use of the tool, and therefore CANNOT be guaranteed to stay tight permanently.  They are tight at the time of shipping, but it is the buyer's responsibility to repeen them at the first sign of loosening should it become necessary.  
    • Replaced, epoxied handles are guaranteed to stay tight for the life of the tool, barring abusive treatment such as impacts.
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